Six Months Ago, This Post Would Be Relevant

It’s sort of redundant in a way to write about a sneaker that’s a) been out for the majority of the year, and b) received unbelievable amounts of exposure after Kanye wore it, but it struck me that there are still people out there who haven’t yet grabbed a pair of Adidas Ultra Boost.

Now, the all-white colourway is the obvious winner here, and is still yet to be restocked anywhere (I say all-white, but the sole is actually black. A white-soled version exists but is both overpriced and bereft of Kanye hype, so forget that), but there are other colours you can buy right now that’ll make you question the very essence of comfort, and force you to wonder why you’ve been punishing yourself in Air Max and Flyknit all summer.

There’s a grey pair which might actually be more practical then the white version, and an all-black pair that flies under the radar. Sadly there’s still no way to get the midsole in anything other than white, but when your feet are this comfortable you won’t care.


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