Winter Will Ruin Your Life

In the UK, today is officially the first day of Autumn (or Fall). Sounds great; the morning sunshine dappling through the burnished leaves, chunky-knit scarves and wooly mittens, that brief euphoria you feel when you wake up on a Sunday morning, the rain lashing at the windows, and realise you can go back to sleep because you have nowhere to be. It’s one of the most picturesque times of the year, and the weather is usually tolerable enough to actually go outside and enjoy the sights without the risk of frostbite gnawing your face off.

Sadly, this time of year calls for some pretty brutal fashion choices to be made. Farewell Flyknit Racer, I’ll see you next year, your lightweight open-weave makeup is simply too flimsy for this inclement weather. So too goes the Ultra Boost, whose pristine-white midsole will pick up dirt and marks in anything but the driest of climes. You need something heavier for this season, something you could wear to tramp across wet, sleety bogs and not worry about. Something that’ll keep you warm, but won’t make you look like a weekend hiker.

Diemme Roccia Vet

This is the Diemme Roccia Vet, in Felt (approx. £240) Diemme are known as one of Italy’s foremost boot manufacturers, using traditional handmade techniques on each of their products. The felt (a blend of wool and polyester) is produced in Italy, and renders the boot completely waterproof. A padded lining ensures that they remain comfortable, making them the ideal all-day Autumn/Winter boot.


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