The Air Presto is the Best Old-New Sneaker Today

The Nike Air Presto first appeared in the year 2000, sporting a thick, stretchy mesh and lacing cage combination that looked pretty futuristic considering that offerings from rivals Adidas and Reebok looked like something an octogenarian would wear to do the shopping in. The lightweight construction was designed to give your foot control of the sneaker, rather than the other way round, and was said to fit like a ‘t-shirt for your feet’, available not in footwear sizes, but in XXS to XXL.

The Presto was credited as being the first sneaker to utilise a digitally-printed upper – you hear that, ZX Flux?  Just don’t mention the Sex and the City collab (although to be fair, it’s actually pretty good.)

The Presto is now available on Nike ID, and you should definitely check it out if, like me, you’re into retro-futuristic neoprene foot t-shirts. If, like me, you sorely lack any creativity whatsoever, you can just buy a pre-existing pair right here.


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