The Most Incredible Fashion Adverts from the 1980s

We all know that fashion in the 70s and 80s was pretty extreme, and whilst the actual garments themselves are long-gone, thankfully the adverts can still be found online.

Long story short, they’re fantastic. Here’s a selection of some of the best.


It’s almost difficult to believe that this advert really existed, but it did. It just goes to show that string vests never looked good, even on chiselled male models.


What do you do when your nightwear is just too…masculine? You grab one of these outrageous nightshirts, and start channelling your inner grandmother.


Slack Power. When your slacks are this powerful, there’s simply no need for any other attire.


Never has a pair of trousers been so appropriately named. Kickin’ Jeans, perfect for…well, kickin’, I suppose. And standing with one leg raised. You’d be a fool to try either in regular jeans.


So you love your belt loops so much you just aren’t satisfied with their standard size and placement? These are the jeans for you. Also note the ‘fun shirt’ – a bargain at $5.


I would never have thought high-waisted red velvet trousers could look so intimidating, but that thousand-yard stare tells me this is a man who takes his trouser game very seriously indeed. Carry on, sir.


Sometimes you just don’t want to be tethered by clothes when you’re relaxing with a book. You just want to kick back, grow a kick-ass moustache and wear underpants. Yellow underpants.

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