More Crazy 1980s Fashion Adverts

After this week’s post showing the the most incredible fashion adverts from the 1980s, it turns out the well was far deeper than I’d realised, and that there’s a whole host of unintentionally hilarious fashion adverts out there. So here’s your second fix of moustaches, heavy knits and intense stares.


In his defence, men have always struggled with accessories.

“Do you want to come rollerskating later?”
“Oh, sounds good.”
“I’m going to wear those underpants.”
“Actually I’m pretty sure I have plans, sorry.”


You know the sort of weather where it’s warm enough for shorts, but cold enough for a jacket? What about the sort of weather that made it acceptable for a man to wear a white catsuit? No, didn’t think so.


“So how big do you want your collar?”
“Keep going until I say stop.”


Now, I’ve never worked on a building site, but I can’t imagine it’s standard procedure to pair a regulation hard-hat with sandals and skintight vest. If it wasn’t for the razor-sharp creases in his friend’s trousers, this photo would be a laughingstock.


This is the first time He-Man was pictured wearing a knitted minidress. The first, and the last.


Sure, Bob, Paul and Steve aren’t exactly wearing the most embarrassing fashion on this list, but their expressions seem to indicate they have either done, or are about to do, something they will all later regret.


Not many people know this, but before fronting Queen, Freddie Mercury actually made a living as a hat model.

Thankfully, these fashion statements were largely over by the time I was born.

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