adidas Futurecraft ‘Tailored Fibre’


You may remember that in 2015, adidas debuted the first sneaker made entirely of reclaimed ocean waste.

Now, the brand with the three stripes has embarked on a whole new method of designing and manufacturing their footwear, one which allows the sneakers to be individually tuned to the needs of the wearer – be it a runner or footballer.


Whilst the premise seems a little ambiguous at first – athletic footwear companies have been touting their ergonomic prowess for decades, which often turns out to be little more than marketing hype – if there’s one company that can genuinely produce something revolutionary, it’s adidas.


If you’re in any doubt about their credentials to produce truly game-changing materials, slip on a pair of Ultra Boost – the difference to any other running shoe is apparent immediately. They are, without exception, the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn.

While there’s no release date set for the unveiling of ‘Tailored Fibre’, adidas has shared this slick video to show how the uppers are crafted from individual strands of material. It’s fascinating stuff, and I for one am excited to see the next evolution in the story.


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