Summer Sneakers 40% Off

Summer is finally upon us, and the good folks over at Foot Asylum have thrown a load of summer footwear into the sale – with Vans and Converse at up to 40% off.

The thing about these sneakers, is they look great when they’re brand new and clean, but they look just as good after a year of mud and scuffs – you’d be hard-pressed to find anybody who hasn’t owned a pair at one time or another. They’re lightweight but robust – I have a pair of Vans which are nearing 6 years old and are still going strong.

So, here’s my picks for the best deals, or you can head over to the sale here to check out the full selection. The majority of styles are around the £30 mark, which is a great discount. There’s still a good selection of sizes left, but they won’t hang around for long.


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