Top Six from OKI-NI

With more stores heading into their summer sale period (not that you’d know it’s summer looking out the window in bleak Northern-England) it felt right to put together a brief ‘top-picks’ from the footwear selection over at OKI-NI.

Navigating any sale section can often be a frustrating experience. More often than not it’s the kind of stuff that nobody in their right mind would ever have considered paying full-price for. That being said, sometimes there’s a few diamonds lurking in the rough, as we showed you in our 40% Off Summer Sneakers post earlier in the week.

The six sneakers below are well worth a gander. In my opinion, they’re worth the price of admission – even full-price. Thankfully you don’t need to pay that, as all styles below are at least 30% off, with a good size run remaining. Give ’em a click to go straight to the product page, or head over here to see the full selection.

You can also check out our list of stores, most of which are beginning to roll out their summer sales.

033508-01_HIGH 401131-01_HIGH 400467-01_HIGH 401118-01_HIGH400001-01_HIGH 400750-01_HIGH


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