“Nobody can smell your face.”

Firstly, let me begin by wishing you all a very happy New Year! Although it’s not my first post of the year (there were a couple of others, rambling about shoes or some other inconsequential subject, I’m sure) it is the first time I’m going to write about something topical.

You see, first and foremost, this is a men’s fashion blog. It’s a subject close to my heart, it’s what I do for a day job, and it’s something that just about anyone (from the lowliest caveman wrapping a leaf around his nether-regions then realising a different colour leaf really brings out his eyes, to the most haute of all coutoured androgynous robot-men decked head-to-toe in Chanel) can appreciate. We’ve all bought clothes, we’ve all preferred one coat or sweater over another – perhaps without even realising, we’re all involved in fashion choices every day of our lives.

I’d like to take a minute, then, to talk about an invisible fashion accessory.

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Jaw-Dropping BMX Parkour in Berlin

A bit of a departure from the usual articles about clothes and accessories, but sometimes you come across a video that stops you in your tracks.

Even though I can’t honestly say I’ve given much consideration to BMX since I was around 10 years old, this video showing professional BMX rider Tim Knoll performing stunts on the streets of Berlin is incredibly captivating. Not only does it feature some jaw-dropping stunts, but it’s beautifully shot, elevating high-def Steadicam operation to an art form. Continue reading “Jaw-Dropping BMX Parkour in Berlin”