adidas Futurecraft ‘Tailored Fibre’


You may remember that in 2015, adidas debuted the first sneaker made entirely of reclaimed ocean waste.

Now, the brand with the three stripes has embarked on a whole new method of designing and manufacturing their footwear, one which allows the sneakers to be individually tuned to the needs of the wearer – be it a runner or footballer. Continue reading “adidas Futurecraft ‘Tailored Fibre’”


Jaw-Dropping BMX Parkour in Berlin

A bit of a departure from the usual articles about clothes and accessories, but sometimes you come across a video that stops you in your tracks.

Even though I can’t honestly say I’ve given much consideration to BMX since I was around 10 years old, this video showing professional BMX rider Tim Knoll performing stunts on the streets of Berlin is incredibly captivating. Not only does it feature some jaw-dropping stunts, but it’s beautifully shot, elevating high-def Steadicam operation to an art form. Continue reading “Jaw-Dropping BMX Parkour in Berlin”

Acne Studios Shoelace Belt

I really love Acne Studios. They’re one of those brands that just gets the basics so right – from their tees and sweats, right up to their formal shirts, each piece is beautifully finished, and uses some of the best materials around.

They’re known for being a little…out-there at times, and this belt is no exception. Fashioned after a shoelace, the belt is available in rich monochromatic black or deep green, and is 100% premium calf-leather. Continue reading “Acne Studios Shoelace Belt”

Filling Pieces Spring 2016 Collection

Despite being less than seven years old, Amsterdam-based footwear gurus Filling Pieces have made a huge impact on the sneaker scene in a relatively short space of time.

The brainchild of Dutch architect Guillaume Philibert, Filling Pieces was designed to bridge the gap between streetwear and luxury, and to provide premium materials on a brand-new silhouette at an affordable price point. Continue reading “Filling Pieces Spring 2016 Collection”

Cereal City Guide – Paris


I’m a big fan of independently-produced city guides. They’re a great way of familiarising yourself with a place you haven’t yet visited and are also a means of breathing new life into a city that you’ve long become familiar with.

Cereal, the magazine-slash-journal, produced two such guides in 2015 – simply titled ‘London’ and ‘New York’. Each one details the places to go, things to see and even include essays from notable residents of each city. Continue reading “Cereal City Guide – Paris”

Valentine’s Day – Men’s Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is one of those occasions that makes gift-buying especially difficult – even more so if you’re looking for a gift for your husband or boyfriend.

The stores are full of heart-shaped balloons, boxes of chocolates, red lacy lingerie, flowers – all perfect gifts for the lady in your life – but there’s slim pickings when it comes to gifts for us guys. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day – Men’s Gift Guide”

Common Projects – New Colours for 2016


Founded in 2004, Common Projects has quickly risen to become the footwear of choice for those seeking a minimalist silhouette, subtle branding and premium materials. Buttery-smooth Nappa Leather and flawless hand-stitching are in plentiful supply on each and every pair of their sneakers, and the versatility of an all-white low-profile sneaker really cannot be overstated. Continue reading “Common Projects – New Colours for 2016”