Summer Sneakers 40% Off

Summer is finally upon us, and the good folks over at Foot Asylum have thrown a load of summer footwear into the sale – with Vans and Converse at up to 40% off. Continue reading “Summer Sneakers 40% Off”


adidas Futurecraft ‘Tailored Fibre’


You may remember that in 2015, adidas debuted the first sneaker made entirely of reclaimed ocean waste.

Now, the brand with the three stripes has embarked on a whole new method of designing and manufacturing their footwear, one which allows the sneakers to be individually tuned to the needs of the wearer – be it a runner or footballer. Continue reading “adidas Futurecraft ‘Tailored Fibre’”

Overcoat as an Investment Piece

An Overcoat as an Investment Piece

2It’s the perfect time of year to invest in a good-quality overcoat. Unlike jeans or shirts, you can be confident that an overcoat is an investment piece, so don’t be afraid to push the boat out – it works as part of almost any outfit, and looks as effective over a suit as it does over a sweater and jeans. It’s something you’ll pay more for up-front, but a well-made overcoat will comfortably reward you with many years of wear.  Continue reading “An Overcoat as an Investment Piece”