Nike Air Jordan 1 ‘Bred’ Returns This September

The Jordan 1 ‘Bred’ is a sneaker that has a cult following unlike any other.

It achieved notoriety in the 1980s when it was said to have been ‘banned’ by the NBA (who fined Michael Jordan $5,000 each time he wore the sneaker, as it deviated from the Association-approved ‘uniformity of uniform rule’ which states that ‘a player must wear shoes that not only matched their uniforms, but matched the shoes worn by their teammates.” Nike allegedly footed the bill each time the fine was issued.) The story has become a thing of legend, and is still one of the most-enduring sneaker stories told today. Nike even released the ‘Jordan 1 ‘Banned” in 2011, which featured an embossed ‘X’ on the heel panel to pay homage to the story. Continue reading “Nike Air Jordan 1 ‘Bred’ Returns This September”


Filling Pieces Spring 2016 Collection

Despite being less than seven years old, Amsterdam-based footwear gurus Filling Pieces have made a huge impact on the sneaker scene in a relatively short space of time.

The brainchild of Dutch architect Guillaume Philibert, Filling Pieces was designed to bridge the gap between streetwear and luxury, and to provide premium materials on a brand-new silhouette at an affordable price point. Continue reading “Filling Pieces Spring 2016 Collection”

Nike MAG: Back to the Future

Will The Nike Air MAG Release Today?

Today is Back to the Future Day, the day Marty McFly arrived in when he cranked up his Delorean and travelled through time and space. Exciting news for fans of the film, but perhaps an even more exciting day for sneakerheads, who are waiting with baited breath to see if Nike releases the MAG, the shoe created especially for the film.

_71Q9446_aaThe shoe last released in 2011, with only 1,510 pairs made available for purchase, with all proceeds going to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Various hints have been dropped by Nike executives over the past few months regarding a reissue of the MAG, with original designer Tinker Hatfield even confirming that we will see power laces appear on a shoe in 2015. It would make sense for the laces to feature on the MAG, after all, the sneakers in the film sported self-tying power laces, but it’s still unclear if this tech will appear on a different model instead. Continue reading “Will The Nike Air MAG Release Today?”

The Air Presto is the Best Old-New Sneaker Today

The Nike Air Presto first appeared in the year 2000, sporting a thick, stretchy mesh and lacing cage combination that looked pretty futuristic considering that offerings from rivals Adidas and Reebok looked like something an octogenarian would wear to do the shopping in. The lightweight construction was designed to give your foot control of the sneaker, rather than the other way round, and was said to fit like a ‘t-shirt for your feet’, available not in footwear sizes, but in XXS to XXL. Continue reading “The Air Presto is the Best Old-New Sneaker Today”